Microsoft Charges on Credit Card

Microsoft Charges on Credit Card is investigating complaints on behalf of consumers who received a charge on their credit card or bank statements reading “MSFT *ONLINE BILL.MS.NET WAUS.” It has been alleged that Microsoft may be charging a “membership fee” without the consumer’s authorization. It is believed that these charges are being made in connection with consumers’ live accounts.

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If you received this charge on your credit card or bank statement, would like to hear from you. Attorneys are trying to determine whether consumers can file a class action lawsuit to recover compensation for these charges, and need your help in their investigation.


Consumers have claimed that suspicious charges reading “MSFT *ONLINE BILL.MS.NET WAUS” have shown up on their bank and credit card statements in varying amounts, ranging from $1.00 to $74.99.

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Consumers found that these charges were made in connection with their Live accounts.