How to contact Microsoft Support?

After exhausting Windows Help and online help resources, you may prefer to contact Microsoft customer support with your problem. Microsoft offers customer support through a series of web pages that offer targeted advice, videos, and wizards that step you through a solution. In addition, you can chat online with a representative and find a solution together.

Microsoft customer support can typically be contacted for two free help sessions and unlimited installation support. Submit a request to Microsoft customer support via e-mail or call 1-833-400-0077. If Windows 7 came preinstalled on your laptop, you may also be able to contact your manufacturer for support questions.

  1. In your browser, visit Microsoft’s Customer Support web page.
  2. Click the Solutions Centers button.On the page that appears, click the link for Windows 7.
  3. Click any link along the left of the page to explore a topic of interest to you.

When you’re done, click the Close button to close the Internet Explorer browser.

MSFT on Credit Card Bill

How to change Microsoft Account Billing Country?, MSFT on Credit Card Bill | Well everybody knows that how you can change your region settings for Microsoft account and its very simple you just go into region settings ask Cortana if you don’t know or press start key and type “Region” and from there you can change your country for Store etc. But changing region doesn’t mean you can buy apps or Microsoft Music (Groove Music) subscription in that country as you will need a valid payment method for that.

After getting a code head over to Microsoft store website (change your country to US from the bottom of the page if it hasn’t already) and Sign in if you haven’t signed in yet and add any US address in your profile.

Afterwards visit this page enter your gift card code and select redeem. If it doesn’t work then you can redeem your code from Microsoft website.

Microsoft website, sign in to your account

Visit Microsoft website, sign in to your account and visit this page Redeem your code from there; hopefully it will work this time as in my case. If it doesn’t you need to migrate your Microsoft account to United States (Remember this change can happen once every 3 months).

If it went successful as it should be, you will have credit in you Microsoft Account and if the payment hub still shows your old country just head over to Windows Store from Windows 10 or from your Windows Phone and buy any cheap app that will do the trick and you will finally changed your Billing country.

Call +1-833-400-0077 for help and support.

Microsoft Office 365 Subscription

Microsoft Online Charges Unauthorized charge to credit card from Microsoft, MS sent a replacement for my surface and then I sent mine back, to do that they had to make a hold against my card, all fine, standard practice. What I didn’t expect was 4 months later to be charged for the returned surface. It took a whole morning of jumping around from person to person to get someone to help, support overall was terrible, I lost out on a mornings work dealing with it so it cost me money. All I got was a vague apology. No one there seems to be an actual manager; they have management titles but can’t actually make any decisions.

So just keep in mind to keep checking your cards when returning items to Microsoft.

Unfortunate but not surprising, Versions of that happen with everyone who does express replacements – sometimes it is human error, sometimes a lost or unlogged package, and sometimes a system crash. I always advise people to confirm receipt and back end processing to verify the defective item has been checked in and to save the verification communications.

I must, however, clarify a couple things. Standard practice is to ship the defective item first and have them ship back a replacement. As such, express is an option rather than the standard. I was given the option in the past and chose the four day conventional turn around. They don’t service Surface devices, just replace with refurbished, so all they do is check it in, verify condition, and ship the replacement. It is also not in any way an unauthorized charge. You agreed to it when you chose the express option. It is an incorrect charge but you most definitely did authorize it at the time of service. Unauthorized charges are fraudulent transactions. This was either a system or human error tied to a legitimate authorization.

Call +1-833-400-0077 for help and support.

Office 365 Renewal

Renew MSN premium subscription

Renew MSN premium subscription, Create and fulfill invoices quickly and easily in Dynamics CRM using simple workflow. Whatever your business is, our Microsoft CRM Billing Software includes everything you need to create and fulfill invoices quickly and easily, for all your regular invoices, and for any other chargeable events, using simple workflow. The software comes with examples and training videos that show you how to easily create tens, hundreds, or thousands of invoices in one go.

The Benefits

  • Save time and improve efficiency
  • Improves accuracy – staff closer to the customer enter the data
  • Improve customer relations by reducing billing errors
  • Speed up invoice creation for non-accounting staff
  • Scale up your business without needing more data entry staff
  • Create tens, hundreds or thousands of invoices quickly and easily
  • Everything can be billed at the click of a button, even small charges

Who is it for?

  • • Call centre sales teams
  • • E-commerce companies
  • • Professionals with chargeable time
  • • Service industries with various chargeable activities
  • • Membership organizations with monthly subscriptions
  • • Microsoft Store Bill MS Net WA

Pay my MSN account

“Red ware’s software generates the invoices efficiently, is working well and our client is very happy.”

Peter Gleadell, the Cloud Partnership

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Billing Software automates all the steps involved in your billing cycle from creating chargeable events right through to invoice fulfillment. It uses a flat table to which you add each transaction so that each item corresponds with a single line on an invoice. Optional extras add further processes to take and record payments, and connect all the billing data into your accounting system.

Regular Monthly Billing

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Billing Software comes with a pre-configured custom table for controlling all your regular monthly billing – out of the box. Or for more complex environments, you can easily customize this table for your own billing cycle needs.

Chargeable Events

whatever way chargeable events are set up in your CRM – i.e. as a system entity or a custom entity – use simple workflow to easily add a transaction into CRM Billing Software, and the event will be billed automatically at the end of your billing cycle.

Invoice Creation

As often as you require, all transactions and billable items from different sources are collected together and a single invoice per customer is automatically created (convergent billing).

Invoice fulfillment

once invoices are ready, CRM Billing Software emails or posts them out to the customer from within Microsoft CRM.

Payment Processing (optional)

An upgrade is available that enables credit/debit card payment handling or direct debit processing.

Connect to your accounts package (optional)

An upgrade is available that connects all billing data into your accounts system. We currently offer a connector for Sage 50 and for Xerox (connectors for Sage 200 and other accounting packages are available on consultancy basis).

Call +1-833-400-0077 for help and support.

Microsoft Office Support

Microsoft Office Support, coding, revenue cycle management, EHR and credentialing for medical and dental practices. Contact Microsoft Office Support for Our integrated healthcare business solutions are designed to increase practice, medical billing and coding specialist, medical transcription services.

We’ve promised to hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality in our products, and strongly believe that shifting our efforts to the Mint Web, iOS and Android applications will help us deliver above and beyond that promise. There’s so much about the Windows Phone app that we love – and it’s hard for us to say goodbye to it – but we are confident that this change will help you get even more out of Mint.

Microsoft this week unveiled a new program that will allow managed service providers (MSPs) to directly control their customer subscriptions and provide tech support to customers for the software giant’s cloud-based version of its popular productivity suite, Office 365.

This is a true cloud reseller program,” John Case, corporate vice president for the Microsoft Office Division, told WPC14 attendees during a keynote address on Monday. “We’ve taken a lot of feedback from you on this. Partners in the program will be able to directly provision customer subscriptions and provide one monthly bill for partner services and Microsoft services together.

Call +1-833-400-0077 for Microsoft Office Support.