How to contact Microsoft Support?

After exhausting Windows Help and online help resources, you may prefer to contact Microsoft customer support with your problem. Microsoft offers customer support through a series of web pages that offer targeted advice, videos, and wizards that step you through a solution. In addition, you can chat online with a representative and find a solution together.

Microsoft customer support can typically be contacted for two free help sessions and unlimited installation support. Submit a request to Microsoft customer support via e-mail or call 1-856-514-8666. If Windows 7 came preinstalled on your laptop, you may also be able to contact your manufacturer for support questions.

  1. In your browser, visit Microsoft’s Customer Support web page.
  2. Click the Solutions Centers button.On the page that appears, click the link for Windows 7.
  3. Click any link along the left of the page to explore a topic of interest to you.

When you’re done, click the Close button to close the Internet Explorer browser.

How to change a payment method or credit card linked to your Microsoft account?

Add a new payment method

If you want to change how you pay for purchases from Microsoft Store, you can change the payment method linked to your Microsoft account. 

  • Here’s how to add a credit card, debit card, bank account, PayPal account, or mobile phone as a new payment option for your Microsoft account:

Add a new payment option online

  • Sign in to the Payment options page with the Microsoft account to which you want to add the payment option.
  • Select Add a payment option.
  • Select the type of payment option you want to add, and then select Next.

Update a current payment method

If your name, billing address, expiration date, or CVV number has changed for your current payment method, here’s how you can update it:

Update payment option info online:

  • Sign in to the Payment options page with your Microsoft account. 
  • Find the payment option you want to update, and then select Edit info.
  • Enter your updated info, and then select Save.

Remove a payment method

If you have a payment method that you are no longer using or that has expired, here’s how to remove it:

Remove a payment option online:

  • Sign in to the Payment options page with the Microsoft account that has the payment option you want to remove.
  • Find the payment option you want to remove, and then select Remove.
  • Select Yes, remove to confirm that you want to remove the payment option.

If you face any problem for technical issues Call +1-856-514-8666 for help and support.

For Microsoft chat Call +1-800-386-5550 and for Xbox technical issues Call +1-800-469-9269.

How to investigate a billing charge from Microsoft or

When you see unexpected charges from or in a monthly statement from your bank, credit card, or any other payment provider, we want to help you resolve your question as quickly as possible. Before seeking further info or help, take these steps to compare the unexpected charges to your Microsoft order history.

  1. Sign in to your Microsoft account order history. If you have more than one Microsoft account, sign in to each one to check your order history.
  2. Compare your account with the charge in question. It’s possible the unexpected charge was for a subscription or a mistaken purchase by someone in your family.

If you believe someone has acquired your payment info, contact your payment provider to prevent more charges, then change your payment option info in your Microsoft account. Under Payment options, you can also choose to add or remove debit or credit cards, a bank account, or PayPal. You can also redeem Bitcoin and gift codes or cards. 

MSFT on Credit Card Bill

How to change Microsoft Account Billing Country?, MSFT on Credit Card Bill | Well everybody knows that how you can change your region settings for Microsoft account and its very simple you just go into region settings ask Cortana if you don’t know or press start key and type “Region” and from there you can change your country for Store etc. But changing region doesn’t mean you can buy apps or Microsoft Music (Groove Music) subscription in that country as you will need a valid payment method for that.

After getting a code head over to Microsoft store website (change your country to US from the bottom of the page if it hasn’t already) and Sign in if you haven’t signed in yet and add any US address in your profile.

Afterwards visit this page enter your gift card code and select redeem. If it doesn’t work then you can redeem your code from Microsoft website.

Microsoft website, sign in to your account

Visit Microsoft website, sign in to your account and visit this page Redeem your code from there; hopefully it will work this time as in my case. If it doesn’t you need to migrate your Microsoft account to United States (Remember this change can happen once every 3 months).

If it went successful as it should be, you will have credit in you Microsoft Account and if the payment hub still shows your old country just head over to Windows Store from Windows 10 or from your Windows Phone and buy any cheap app that will do the trick and you will finally changed your Billing country.

MSFT Billing Information Update

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Microsoft Charges on Credit Card

Microsoft Charges on Credit Card is investigating complaints on behalf of consumers who received a charge on their credit card or bank statements reading “MSFT *ONLINE BILL.MS.NET WAUS.” It has been alleged that Microsoft may be charging a “membership fee” without the consumer’s authorization. It is believed that these charges are being made in connection with consumers’ live accounts.

Microsoft Billing Online Technical Support

If you received this charge on your credit card or bank statement, would like to hear from you. Attorneys are trying to determine whether consumers can file a class action lawsuit to recover compensation for these charges, and need your help in their investigation.


Consumers have claimed that suspicious charges reading “MSFT *ONLINE BILL.MS.NET WAUS” have shown up on their bank and credit card statements in varying amounts, ranging from $1.00 to $74.99.

Company (ies)


Additional Details

Consumers found that these charges were made in connection with their Live accounts.